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Innovia Software is a Mumbai based company specializing in design, development and implementation of software systems.

Most of our customers are from manufacturing or engineering companies. But we have also worked for some well known non-manufacturing companies as well.

Innovia Software was established in 2001 and now we are a team of 10 people. We are also supported by functional experts who join us as required for a project.

We have our own standard products and we also design and develop custom made software systems.

We are committed to the delivery of value to our customer.

We love our job

The best part of our business is that requirements of every new project are a new challenge and a great learning experience. And it is a pleasure to see our software work for them.

Our products "Oursys ERP" and "Oursys CRM" have been designed very differently as compared to the standard software in the market. Our software are very easy to use at the same time very comprehensive.

We would be glad to learn from your company as well.

Do call us to share your problems and expectations. We will be more than happy to come over to share some of our success stories with you.

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