1. Should you be hosting your ERP on Cloud.

ERP is the lifeline of any company and the company cannot afford even a minute of downtime. Hence the question of where to host the ERP system becomes vital.
One of the ways to ensure that, is to own a good server machine to host the ERP software. But server machines come with their own hassles of maintaining them and keeping them up all the time. Click to Read More...

2. Item Codification

One of our clients wanted an advise on how to codify items. It was for a precision turned component manufacturing company. The material included customer drawing no based finished goods, various grades and shapes of steel bars as raw material, cutting tools, consumables, jigs & fixtures and such tooling, gauges and instruments.
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3. A shocking real story

Recently one of our senior associates enquired with a senior purchase officer of a reputed company about how he plans his purchases. This company had spent a fortune in a top end ERP system 10 years back and had just upgraded with the latest version.
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4. System Driven Culture in SME

In India, the SME sector businesses are mostly family run. Here, traditionally, the culture was of trust and loyalty. After getting a job a person would rarely change his job. Thus companies could afford to spend on training people. Highly qualified people were not a necessity as people would learn on the job and would continue to work for their life with these skills. In such a company there was no need for any modern day systems.
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