Case Study

Case Study No: 2
Customer Name: M/s. Certification Engineers International Limited


CEIL is a subsidiary of EIL. It is a government organisation which is into certification of engineering projects during planning and after execution. It has more than 200 auditors who travel all over the world to certify various projects.


The auditors of CEIL had to give a temporary certificate as the original certificate had to be scrolled in office and then released. That caused delay and duplication of work. The auditors also had to type everything manually to get the certificate printed. It was tough maintaining authenticity of the certificates as there was no central database.


We design an online software for them. The auditors can now access the software from anywhere in the world. They have to make minimal data entry to get the certificate generated out of the system. The control over certificates is now full proof and there is complete visibility of all the certificates that are being issued.

System Description

Each auditor has been given a unique user id using which the user generates the certificate. They log into the system and find the inspections assigned to them. They just have to key in inspection details, their remark and generate the certificate. This has improved their image with the client and has saved many hours of their effort.

Technical Information

Platform:, MySQL

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