Case Study

Case Study No: 3
Customer Name: M/s. Bharat Oman Refineries Limited


Bharat Oman Refineries Limited is an oil refinery located in Bina, Madhya Pradesh. The IT section of the company is progressive and keeps improving their processes using technology.


The suppliers of BORL used to submit their invoices at various places in the company. Some submitted at the Central Bill Desk and some at user end somewhere in the plant. Tracking the bills was difficult and often invoices were misplaced. The Bill processing also took lot of time as the invoice was physically moved between various sanctioning departments.


We designed and developed a software which made bill processing paperless. Our software was browser based and hence did not require any installation on any user machine. The Excel based system was eliminated thus deskilling the process and reducing person dependence.

System Description

The invoices submitted by the suppliers are scanned and fed into the software by the Central Bill Receiving Desk office. The software scrolls the bill and forwards it to the user department for their approval. It also notifies the particular users. After user approval it is forwarded to the finance and then finally to accounts for payment. This solution has eliminated the problem of loss of invoice as the physical bill is not being circulated and it has also speeded up the bill processing time from few weeks to couple of days.

Technical Information

Platform:, MSSQL

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