Case Study

Case Study No: 4
Customer Name: M/s. TechBolt Private Limited


TechBolt is a manufacturer and trader of fasteners such as studs, bolts, nuts and washers. They supply fasteners used for construction industry. The items are standard market items and customers expect them to be in stock. The customer is price sensitive and also needs good service.


There are many fastener manufacturers and it was required to stand out by providing something useful to the customer. Though there are many fastener companies most of them use conventional media such as telephone and emails to interact with customers


Create a portal for the customers where they can easily feed-in their requirements and get a quick quote and stock availability. This will save lot of time for both the customer and the sales team.

System Description

We designed a portal and gave access to their customers. The customers can now login to the portal, check current stock in hand, rates and delivery periods quickly and transparently. The technical complexity of typing the requirement in emails has also been eliminated by providing a user friendly template to capture customer requirements. We also allowed the customer to just upload his requirements in the form of Excel or Word file. This has made customer’s life easier thus helping in becoming the preferred choice of the customer. And it has also reduced the time to cater to customers as phones and emails have reduced.

Technical Information

Platform:, MySQL

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