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We have been developing software solutions since 2001. We have worked with a wide variety of industries and are aware of the requirements and challenges of these industries.

We have the right experience to make your software system a success

The failure rate of software systems like ERP is very high. To tackle this we have tried and tested methodology which ensures success.

Most of our customers have tried various other software before settling with us.

Industries We have Worked for

Classification by Planning

Planning based on Demand types:

Sales Projection - A mix of firm and projected orders
Monthly Schedule - Firm Monthly schedule and minimum levels
Made to Order - Planned only after firm orders

Classification by Process

Some of the main types are:

Precision Machining
Heavy Machining
Moulding & Extrusion
Cold Forging
Hot Forging
Die Casting
Press Shop

Classification by End Use

Some of the prominent ones are:

Automobile Industry
Aerospace Industry
Research & Development Industry
Electrical Equipment/Components Industry
Electronics Equipment Industry
Fastener Industry
Pipe Fittings & Tube Fittings Industry
Industrial Valves Industry
Pneumatics Industry
Machine Tool Industry
Carbide Dies Industry
Paper Cups Industry
Maintenance & Repair of Equipment Industry
Kitchenware Industry
Some Case Studies

Case Studies: Custom Made Software

Custom made software are a different challege altogether. The need of the customer has to be understood at the micro level and a concept has to be evolved from scratch such that the end product is very simple to use and also fulfills the purpose.

We had to the opportunity work on very interesting projects with some of the big names in the industry. Here is a compilation of some of such projects as a case study to give you an idea of the kind of work we have done.

1. Work-Flow Management Software for Digital Media Company

The average age of the team is 25 years and most of them have not worked for any other professional company. The company needed a software system so that there is control, visibility and clear communication. But they wanted a system which is not boring to use and the user does not have to take any special effort to use it. Click to Read More...

2. Centralised Certificate Issuing for Inspection Agency

The auditors of CEIL had to give a temporary certificate as the original certificate had to be scrolled in office and then released. That caused delay and duplication of work. The auditors also had to type everything manually to get the certificate printed. It was tough maintaining authenticity of the certificates as there was no central database. Click to Read More...

3. Automation of Bill Passing for a Refinery

The suppliers of BORL used to submit their invoices at various places in the company. Some submitted at the Central Bill Desk and some at user end somewhere in the plant. Tracking the bills was difficult and often invoices were misplaced. The Bill processing also took lot of time as the invoice was physically moved between various sanctioning departments. Click to Read More...

4. Online Sales Portal for a Fasteners Manufacturer

There are many fastener manufacturers and it was required to stand out by providing something useful to the customer. Though there are many fastener companies most of them use conventional media such as telephone and emails to interact with customers Click to Read More...

Case Studies: Oursys

We are building some interesting case studies for Oursys as well. Please see this space in a month's time.

In the meantime if you need to know anything please feel to contact us on +91-9820859510 or email us at rahul@innoviasoftware.com

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