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To make an ERP software work in any company is a big challenge. And when it comes to SME, it is even tougher, where their customers are bigger and rigid and their suppliers are smaller and unorganised.

We at Innovia have adapted to this challenge and have successfully designed our software which has made life easier for our customers.

We had our share of difficulties but our intention was always right and our customers supported us all through. We approach our work very sincerely & methodically and no matter what it takes we persevere to make our software a success. Our customers have appreciated this and is evident in their testimonials.

Following are some of the testimonials by our customers.

"The passionate team of Innovia understands needs of manufacturing units like us thoroughly & that shows in the maturity of their product Oursys"

Mr. Tejinder Singh Bansal
Director, S. D. Industries Private Limited (Using since 2002)

"Oursys enables me to focus on customers & growth rather than operations. My organisation is paperless since 2004... thanks to Oursys"

Mr. Laxman Jadhav
Director, Json Polymers Private Limited (Using since 2002)

"The love with which Oursys has been designed is evident from the fact that it covers our requirement in depth & yet remains simple for average user"

Mr. Johny Gonsalves
Director, Fledon Engineering Private Limited (Using since 2010)

"Oursys ERP has a distinct class & has helped us to discipline ourselves from being a person dependent company to a completely system driven one"

Mr. Glen Gonsalves
Director, Fledon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (Using since 2010)

"Oursys has brought in Visibility, Accountability & Efficiency resulting in better response time, delivery time & thus a better image with our customers"

Mr. Johnson Pereira
Director, Gemsons Precision Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (Using since 2015)

"Innovia not only have a great product in Oursys but also have a motivated team that ensures the success of ERP. Oursys runs across all our units seamless over the internet."

Ms. Sophie Moochala
Director, Fluid Controls Private Limited (Using since 2013)

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