Case Study

Case Study No: 1
Customer Name: M/s. SoCheers Infotech


Socheers is a new age digital media management company. They take up digital marketing, web site designing, UI & UX jobs and event promotions.


The average age of the team is 25 years and most of them have not worked for any other professional company. The company needed a software system so that there is control, visibility and clear communication. But they wanted a system which is not boring to use and the user does not have to take any special effort to use it.


We decided to provide them with a web based solution and make it appear more like a game rather than a typical application software. We also detected the gmail credentials automatically and the users need not have to log in separately into the software. The reports were made more visual than data.

System Description

We designed a work flow software in which all new briefs were registered. The path of execution was fixed based on masters. As the work gets done the system puts the job to the next department. Each person knows what work is currently waiting for him/her and what load is expected in the near future.

The Business Development Manager can monitor the progress of each project. All stake-holders can communicate with each other using comments under each job. The looks of the software were designed by their creative team and it was a trendy design which the young team loved.

Technical Information

Platform:, MSSQL

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